The Charming Beauty Of Pac Bo Relics

Posted on 11 sep 2018 Comments (11)

Vietnam is one of the countries with a rich history. Besides the interesting historical stories, there are also many scenic spots that bear witness to the history of the nation of Vietnam. Come to Pac Bo Cave to feel the majestic and spectacular beauty of Vietnam as well to know more about the historical background. Pac Bo is a place that is very familiar to Vietnamese people. This is the place where Uncle Ho returned to work and live in the early new country. This is also the first revolutionary base, the war zone of resistance forces.

Pac Bo Cave is a natural cave in Cao Bang Province, which was formed long ago due to the limestone erosion of underground streams. Pac Bo (also known as Coc Bo), according to Tay means "headland". The whole Pac Bo monument is surrounded by old forests and neighboring villages. The most famous sight in this area is Pac Bo cave, which is a place not to be missed when visiting here. It is about 15 square meters in width. Go through the cave, the first feeling of the visitors is the cool and magic of natural caves. You will be amazed at the coolness inside the cave as an air-conditioner that will help us to get rid of the heat of the body.

Before the cave, there is a large stream flowing from the rock Mountains; all year round, the flow of green water mingled in the birds of the wind. Uncle Ho named the stream in front of the cave is Lenin; the green water is like a mirror illuminating a forest. The blue of the water, the green of the leaves, the blue of the sky, the romantic clouds of water that love under the sunshine through the foliage of falling leaves on the water. The water here is so clean and clear that you want to take a bath to wash the dust, stand on the shore looking down to see the flocks of fish swimming in the water. Cool streams around the embrace of the foot of the mountain, creating a charming and peaceful atmosphere. Next to is the Cac-Mac Mountain, in remembrance of two great thinkers, who illuminated the wisdom of him, help him find the path of national liberation.

Through the vast golden rice fields, the peaceful villages, the colorful flowers forest, visitors can admire the scenery, enjoy the crystal clear water, with the towering slope and cliffs. Today, Pac Bo has become a complex of historical and cultural relics, not only the people of different ethnic groups in Cao Bang but also the invaluable assets of the Vietnamese people. Pac Bo became a place for educating the historical tradition, patriotism for the Vietnamese descendants. Pac Bo is also an interesting tourist destination for those who love mountain landscapes, want to find a sense of pristine, deposited mountains.